If you want to use the passive voice in Kuwaiti, you often add the sound "in" to the first-person verb in the past tense.

Sounds like gibberish? Let's use an example.

To say "I invited someone to my party" is 3izamt a7ad 7aflit-ii. This is called the active voice, because you're the one taking the action. In the driver's seat. Pedal to the medal (yuck, I know).

If however, the situation was reversed and someone invited you, well in English you'd say "I was invited" wouldn't you? This is called the passive voice. Why? Because you didn't lift a finger - instead someone else came over, took action and you just sat there. Passive.

And how to say it in Kuwaiti? 

Clue: it's today's word.

There's a third and final way to express how you ended up spending your weekend dancing awkwardly to Ricky Martin remixes. If you want to reveal who exactly invited you, then you'd simply say:

"Theyab 3azam-nii."