Today's word is not written the way it is spelt. We see lisaan but it is actually pronounced ilsaan.

Play the audio clip for details. And to make it just that bit easier, Theyab will now be pronouncing each syllable of a word first, before saying it altogether, just as you'd hear it in conversation.

lisaan literally means "tongue." Add it to your collection of words that describe various parts of the face (3ayn meaning "eye"; khashim meaning "nose"; 7alj meaning "mouth"; adhuun meaning "ears"). It'll come in handy for those eventual trips to the doctor. ya diktawr, you might wail at some point in the near future, ilsaan-ii yidhba7-nii ("my tongue is killing me!).

Another handy use of today's word lisaan is as a reply when someone says exactly what you were thinking.

YES, EXACTLY you want to shout when a friend confesses that he or she just doesn't get GoT. Translated, it would be the very standard phrase ee, bi l-'6ub6 (ee'-bith-ubt).

But a more Kuwaiti way would be to say 7a9 ilsaan-ik (saah'-il-sahn-ick). 

7a9 ilsaan-ik is angled at a male, 7a9 ilsaan-ich is for a female.

Quite literally, "your tongue is true."