Recently we met with rifjaan (rif-jahn) for lunch who happened to be travelling around awrubaa (ow-ruhb-aa). They brought their three sons, the youngest of whom was slightly daluu3 maamaa (dal-oo-aa mah-mah) but no less gorgeous for it.

Every time his mother would speak to someone at the table, the little boy acted as if it was his cue to start asking her questions.

"Yes, it's much better than -"

"I mean, it's a much better op -"

She turned to him, annoyed. "shinuu maamaa?" (shin-oo mah-mah)

The little boy turned red at the unexpected attention. "Um, er, I.."

And with that he scuttled off and started charming some diners on the other side of the restaurant, his toy dog in hand.

Finally sensing she had a bit of peace and quiet, the lady continued listing the pros of being a working mother, when suddenly her youngest came running to her side, his eyes brimming with excitement.

"Mama, Mama, those, those people, over there, they -"

With that, his mother pinched her fingers together and pulled down on the air. "u9bir!" she commanded (us-bir). Instantly he fell silent. The two older boys started giggling.

As she turned back to us with a long-suffering look, her son stuck out his tongue at her and muttered, "no Mama, you, 9ubray!" before running off again as carefree as a only a child can be.


دلوع ماما
daluu3 maamaa
spoilt / mama's boy (m)
شنو ماما
shinuu maamaa?
What is it, darling?
wait! (>m)