dig 3alay

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

If you think about it, love begins with a phone call. 
Or a Blackberry PIN.
:ashaan gone are the days where boys wrote love letters
and threw them over the wall that separated their school
from the girls' school.
And laana even today in Kuwait, it is more comfortable for 
unmarried couples to get to know each other on the phone
rather than in person.
Guys who are inclined not to spend money might be
delighted to hear of the low-cost dating rituals in the Gulf,
however, and here's the 'but': on your wedding day, your bride
(and maybe her entire family) is going to expect you to cough 
up a sizeable dowry.
So before Sheikh Romance says tdigiin :alay to his dream girl... 
he should be prepared for the investments.
In other words: two new phones.

عشان :ashaan Because
لان laana Because
توا tawaa Just
I met you (to a female)
هذا hadhaa This is
ينون yinuun Crazy
هاچ haach Take (to a female)
رقمي raqm-ii My number