Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

I was waiting for shaakhS but then I got a phone call: someone
else is coming too. I'm tired, but entertaining shakhSayn isn't
too much work. Then another phone call. More ashkhaaS coming.
In a few minutes, the TV dinner-for-two has become a sit-down 
dinner Haflah.

When Theyab returns home, I'm confused. He comes accompanied,
but with several miniature action figures.

"Er... where are an-naas?" I ask.
"Here, t:arif-ay :ala Rabbid and Assassin and..." he says, indicating
his newly-received special-edition figurines.
"This is actually tragic," I say, taking off my apron. "Sudt-nii!"

 شخص shakhS 1 person
شخصين shakhSain 2 people
اشخاص ashkhaaS 3 - 10 people
حفلة Haflah Party
اللناس an-naas The people
تعفي على t:arif-ay :ala    Meet… (to a female)
قلتيلي giltii-lii You (female) told me
إني inn-ii That
انا ana I am
al-:arabii The Arab version
Sudt-nii You (male) got me 
صدتيني Sudtii-nii You (female) got me