Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Growing up outside of Kuwait, I wasn't familiar with having
house staff or any such domestic khiddmaat. So upon finishing
dinner at a Kuwaiti house, I got up to take my plate to the kitchen
sink as I normally would ... and the gesture was met with
cries of protest.
"Let the khaddam take it!" was the explanation.
I went with the flow, but my reservations about using the word
"servant" lingered. So I asked someone for advice.
"What's a better word than al-khaddaamah?"
The reply: "maadrii ... filibiiniyyah?"
Looking for the perfect come back to this, in Kuwaiti?
Refer to this earlier post.

خدمات khiddmaat Services
خدم khaddam Servants
الخدامة al-khaddaamah The servant
مادري maadrii I don’t know
فلبينية filibiiniyyah Filipino (f)?
تلفوني tilifuun-ii My phone 
مفصول mafSuul Disconnected
 عن الخدمة :an al-khiddmah Out of service