aakram-kum aallah

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Learning Arabic from scratch is tough, muwaafqiin? An alphabet full of dots and flicks,
reading and writing min al-yamiin lay al-yisaar, words that change depending on whether
they are mudhakar or mu'anath or jem: and a pronunciation that is, for me at least,
mu:aqad ... the temptation to give up learning is waayid.

And the biggest trap of all is having an international language as a mother tongue.

bayn fatrah wa fatrah, it feels like this. But atdarrab a little bit every day and,
because of this, I discover that agdr agul akthar min maa aDHin. So when doubts pile
up, I remember that aHsan min maa asawii shay.

Being British, I come from a culture where making khaTaa' with language is a no-no.
I believe that in Kuwait, it's nafs ash-shay. So al-fikrah of speaking in front of others
is still an obstacle. But, after thirteen years of learning French, I remember my akhTaa',
the laughs they provoked, the fact of being mortally embarrassed at times, was part of the
bittersweet and necessary learning curve of doing something that's important.

muwaafqiin? Don’t you (pl) agree?
من اليمين لي اليسار
min al-yamiin lay al-yisaar From the right to the left
mudhakar Masculine
mu’anath Feminine
jem: Plural
mu:aqad Complicated
kabiir Huge
بين فترة و فيترة
bayn fatrah wa fatrah From time to time
atdarrab I learn
قدر اقل اكثر من ما اظن
agdr agul akthar min maa aDHin I can speak more than I think
احسن من ما اسوي شي
aHsan min maa asawii shay Better than doing nothing
خطآ ، اخطاء
khaTaa’, akhTaa’ A mistake, mistakes
نفس الشي
nafs ash-shay The same thing
al-fikrah The idea