laa yi7uush-ik

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

The week ends with another brief tale from Ramadan -
During this particular month, fuTuur is not based around seafood
:aadatanBut, hadhii al-marrah ghayr because tonight it seems 
the fast is being broken with Kuwait's finest hammuur.
But when the fish was placed before him, our host gaal:
"simach fii ramaDHaan? laa yiHuush-ik!"

فطور fuTuur Meal to break fast
عادتن :aadatan Usually 
هذي المرة غير
hadhii al-marrah ghayr This time it is different
هامور haammuur Hammour (Kuwaiti fish)
قال gaal Said
سمچ في رمظان   simach fii ramaDHaan In Ramadan
تروحين truuHiin Are you going
وياي wiyaay With me (to)
ويع wai: Ew