zayn tsawii

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Everything was boring today: daakhl the apartment, barah in the city,
fuug on the roof terrace, taHat at the beach. al-bidaayyah of the day
involved me doing taxes. I think this set the mood for as-saa:aat al-yaayah
and aS-SaraaHah, I was looking forward to an-nihaayat al-yawm.

Then someone offered me a naSiiHah. Whenever he feels bored,
he does nothing. 

It seemed contradictory. I was already doing as little as I possibly could.
But no, actually I was running around in search of a thrill to relieve the gloom.
So I stopped. I lay face down on my bed. And at 3pm, nimt.

nafs al-laylah, the situation flipped 180 degrees. I woke feeling everything,
susceptible to the slightest detail, and in a cheerful mood to boot. Boredom
goes hand in hand with exhaustion. When I told my friend this, he was pleased
that I had listened, for once.

"You who never takes my advice! Ha, zayn tswaiin!" he chuckled.

داخل daakhl Inside
برة barah Outside
فوق fuug Up
تحت taHat Down
البداية al-bidaayyah The start
الساعات الياية as-saa:aat al-yaayah The following hours
aS-SaraaHah Honestly
النهاية اليوم
an-nihaayat al-yawm The end of the day
naSiiHah Advice
nimt I slept
نفس اللية
nafs al-laylah That same night
تذكر هذا
tdhakr hadhaa! Remember that!
kalayt-ay You ate (to a female)
ريول خروف riyuul kharuuf Sheep’s feet
waallah Wow