Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

I have this theory: own ashaa' aqal, but make what you do have
yikuun shay muthminIt's somewhat a mustawaa :aalii that often
I cannot and do not live up to.  But biduun maa tguul that when
naskin in 50m2 of space, maa :indi-naa khayaar illaa minimalism!

 اشاء اقل 
ashaa’ aqal Less things
 يكون شي مثمن
yikuun shay muthmin Be something precious
:allii High
بدون ما تقول
biduun maa tguul It goes without saying
naskin We live
ما عندنا خيار الا
maa :indi-naa khayaar illaa We don’t have a choice except for
waaTii Low