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How do you make a wish in Arabic?

Say you're speaking to a boy and you ask him:

widd-ik 7ilm-ik yit7aqaq ?


"Would you like
 your dreams to come true?"

means "would you like" with the suffix –ik is used when talking to a male.

The same goes with the word for 'dream', 7ilm. If you want to say 'your dream' when talking to a male, once again, you add on
the masculine possessive to make 7ilm-ik.

So when you want to express you and your, referring to a male,  always add ik to the end of the verb or noun. Example:

halaa mu7ammadshlawn-ik


Hi Mohammad, how are you?

A word of warning: if you’re aiming your question at a female and you use the suffix
-ik they'll be a lot of chuckling. I cannot count the times that I've got mixed up and referred to boys with the female possessive and vice versa.

So when speaking to females, use the possessive -ich. How does
that look in a sentence? widd-ich 7ilm-ich yit7aqaq?

Finally, if you're asking two or more people the same question, use the possessive -kum:

Theyab wa
 kayt, widd-kum 7ilm-kum yit7aqaq...?

ودكwidd-ikWould you like (>m)
ودچwidd-ichWould you like (>f)
ودكمwidd-kumWould you like(>pl)