Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Growing up outside of Kuwait, I wasn't familiar with having household khadaamaat. So upon finishing dinner at a Kuwaiti house, it was second nature for me to take my plate to the kitchen sink, but the gesture was met with cries of protest.

"Let the khaddam take it!" was the explanation.

I went with the flow, but my reservations about using the word "servant" lingered. So I asked someone for advice.

"What's a better word than al-khaddaamah?"

The reply: "maadrii ... filibiiniyyah?"

Looking for the perfect come back to this, in Kuwaiti?

الخدامةal-khaddaamahThe servant
مادريmaadriiI don’t know
فلبينيةfilibiiniyyahFilipino lady (f)