Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

The word shida3wah is a contraction of two words, shinuu meaning "what (is)" and ad-da3wah or 'the invitation.' The literal translation "what's the invitation?" doesn't mean much, but judging by the way the phrase is used in a conversation, it equates to "are you serious?"

In spoken Kuwaiti, many words are contracted - and they tend to be heard often.
 Here are more examples:

  • shtabii is a contraction of shinuu and tabii
  • shitsawii is a contraction of shinuu and tsawii
  • shraay-ik is a contraction of shinuu and raay-ik 

The above are all questions addressed to a male. In the table below,
 the same questions are asked to a female. Note the different endings.

شتبينshtabiinWhat do you want?
شتسوينshtsawiinWhat are you doing?
shraay-ichWhat do you think?