Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

t3arfuun 3an Silk City ?

Recently, the buzz around this 25 billion Kuwaiti dinar mashruu3 has all but vanished into the ether, but a recent drive along the north coast of Kuwait indicated that al-shughul on the Boubyan Island site is in full swing.

In other words, armed soldiers stopped our car and asked us politely to nchaywur.

Still, there is no sign that the City will be even vaguely functional any time soon. So if you happen to visit Kuwait in 22nd century and someone asks you and yours "What are mashaarii3-kum this weekend?" undoubtedly some big shot investor is hoping you'll say:

"We're all going to madiinaat al-7ariir of course!"

تعرفونt3arfuunDo you know (>pl)?
نچيورnchaywurWe make a u-turn
مدينة الحريرmadiinat al-7ariirSilk City