as-sufrah daaymah

maa :araft :an ash-shuurbah.
One afternoon, we were talking about food and our childhood cooking disasters
(he got grounded for not clearing up an exploding pot, I for setting fire to a tissue box, etc.)
when he suddenly said:
"When I was fifteen, I had a signature dish: cream of mushroom soup."
I was surprised, this was news to me. 
"Well," I said, "I've never tried your famous soup ... and I happen to be waayid
It took a couple of hours to make, and the precious scents wafting from the kitchen
almost drove me insane.
"ihiya jaahzah?" I asked every few minutes, peeking into the kitchen for a glimpse
of ash-shuurbah.
"ba:d shwayah," was the eternal reply.
When it finally appeared on the table, the "signature dish" was ladhiidh even fifteen
years later. 
"Did you like it?" he asked.
"I loved it, thank you! as-sufrah daaymah!"
Which literally translates to "your dining area: forever."

ما عرفت عن الشوربة
maa :araft :an ash-shuurbah I didn’t know about the soup
وايد يوعانة
waayid yuu:aanah Very hungry
هي جازة؟
ihiya jaahzah Is it (f) ready?
بعد شوية
ba:d shwayah In a while
ladhiidh Delicious