Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

When Dana was a child she had more sha3ar than now (ya3anii she could have salvaged global baldness) but looking mithil a member-in-waiting of the Jackson 5 proved useful in awkward social situations.

Here's how it worked: join a new school half way through the year? Hide behind hair. Don't want to get picked for football? Hide behind hair. See that boy she likes? Grow a fringe - and ikhtif-ay!

Today she has less reason to hide. Hell, she's a CEO.  But if when shopping 
she happens to spot firqat miami at The Avenues Mall, she promptly returns to that prepubescent misti7yah self

يعنيya3aniiLike / it means
مثلmithilLike / similar to
اختفيikhtif-ay!Disappear (to a female)
مستحي، مستحية  misti7ii, misti7yahShy (m/f)