Taking place on the 15th night of Ramadan, girgay:aan is a Gulf tradition with hundreds of years of history.

Children dress in traditional clothes such as a thawb wa bunkhaq and go door-to-door collecting sweets and nuts from their neighbours. They sing songs specifically to bless the youngest member of the family, to keep him or her healthy and the mother, happy. 

The origin of the word girgay:aan is unknown, but it is said that it derives from the word garga'ah which means click - the sound of iron pots carrying the sweets hitting each other as the children travel from house to house.

girgay:aan began when the Prophet and his daughter Fatimah gave sweets, dates and raisins to the people of Medina to celebrate the birth of Fatimah's son.

Nowadays, girgay:aan is a time for all the TV channels to spin out a plethora of adverts. As in: