There's a saying in Arabic that a9-9araa7ah raa7ah. And while this may be true, sometimes speaking honestly is the equivalent of sprinkling rock salt into a lesion. I mean, how do you break up someone a9-9araa7ah

Girl: There's something I have to tell you.

Boy: Uff, sounds serious.

Girl: I want us to break up.

Boy: But why? I mean -

Girl: It's not you, it me.

Boy: Please. They exhausted that line in the nineties. Tell me a9-9araa7ah. Is there someone else?

Girl: No!

Boy: Then what?

Girl: a9-9araa7ah maa agdr.

Boy: You owe me at least the truth.

Girl: Are you sure about that?

Boy: Yes. 

Girl: rii7t-ik...

Boy: What about it?

Girl: rii7t-ik zift!


الصراحة ما اقدر
a9-9araa7ah maa agdr
I honestly can’t
ريحتك زفت
rii7t-ik zift
you smell awful
الصراحة راحة
a9-9araa7ah raa7ah
honest-to-goodness (lit. honesty is comfort)