raa7 yikuun 3ind-ah

Two glamorous ladies are having chay wa kaikah ('tea and cake') and gossiping at home:

"widd-ii do something for my son's birthday, but I just don't know what!"

The other lady rolls her eyes. "aguul, your son will be sixteen years old. raa7 yikuun 3ind-ah all the boys over, and they will absolutely not want to have anything to do with you. I'm sorry to have to tell you the hard way."

Suddenly the son himself appears and waves awkwardly at the two women.

"min zimaan 3an-ik!" the women says warmly to her friend's son. "We were just this minute talking about your birthday! Are you going to have sahrah with your school friends?"

The boy shrugs, "it's not really my thing." Then he gets a twinkle in his eye and smiles at the lady. "Maybe you'd like to come? To my sahrah, that is." 

The mother almost chokes on her chay. "A sixteen year-old boy like you should organise his own celebration," she booms, then adds pointedly: "with his own friends!"


I want
من زمان عنك
min zimaan 3an-ik
I haven’t seen you for ages (>m)
من زمان عنچ
min zimaan 3an-ich
I haven’t seen you for ages (>f)
من زمان عنكم
min zimaan 3an-kum
I haven’t seen you for ages (>pl)