staanist bi l-wiikind? is a classic a conversation starter on your first day back of work. But mind who you ask - especially when a colleague comes into the office wearing a look of death. Then their answer is going be about as far from "kaan 3ajiib" as possible.

staanistay bi l-wiikind? the chipper intern asks her boss as the stern-eyed lady swoops onto her desk, dumps her YSL bag, disarms her bluetooth, tablet, iPhone, spritzes her wrists with Chanel No. 5 then slumps into her leather seat with a pout. The rest of the workers silently cringe at the intern's naivety. Because they know what's coming.

The boss lady growls at her intern "Fun? laa wa aallah," she sneers, before lighting up a cigarette. "It should have been a nice peaceful getaway ma3a my husband, and only ma3a-h, but as always, mother insists on joining us. Then that ungrateful man cancels at the last minute, so I ends up going on holiday ma3a-haa."

The intern bites her lip, struggling to think of an appropriate reply, but before she does the office door bursts open to reveal a fur-clad lady who is the spitting image of the boss lady, only a generation older.

"7abiibtii ('darling') forgive me barging in on you at work, but I was passing by and wanted to know if you'd join me next weekend for another trip. Seeming as we had so much fun bi l-wiikind."

The boss lady goes pale. And the intern pipes up: "Looks like the weekend maa khala9!"


ستانست بالويكند؟
staanist bi l-wiikind?
Did you have fun at the weekend? (>m)
ستانستي بالويكند؟
staanistay bi l-wiikind?
Did you have fun at the weekend? (>f)
ستانستوا بالويكند؟
staanistaw bi l-wiikind?
Did you have fun at the weekend? (>pl)
لا والله
laa wa aallah
not really
كان عجيب
kaan 3ajiib
it was amazing
ما خلص
maa khala9
is not over yet
with him
with her
with them