3ugub baachir

3ugub baachir is a noun that brings to mind a thousand films, most of which are ridiculously cheesy.

3ugub on its own however, is a great word to use when you want to make longer sentences in Kuwaiti. Although I'm still at the stage where I can just about string together two-word responses, a girl can dream of a brighter linguistic tomorrow. Although it's not certainly going to come 3ugub baachir (forgive me).

Pair the word 3ugub with any noun and you're on your way: 
3ugub an-naadii, raa7 asba7 ('after the gym, I'll take a bath'). 

If you use 3ugub with a verb, then you'll need to add the word maa :
3ugub maa na'6aft al-bayt, tabii-nii aghasil al-mawaa3iin ('having cleaned the house, you want me to do the washing up?').

To quickly summarise:

After + noun = 3ugub
After + verb = 3ugub maa

With all this talk of the future, I'll briefly speak about verbs in Kuwaiti. One of the best pieces of news I ever received is that Kuwaiti only has two tenses, past and present. To see how the past and present tense look in Kuwaiti, check out this link

So what about the future tense, I wondered at the time. Well more good news, to form the future tense you simply take the present tense of any verb and stick the word raa7 before it: 
3ugub maa akhidh dawsh, raa7 aruu7 as-suug ('after I take a shower, I'll go to the market').

Arabic Pronounced? English

asba7 I take a bath
b-asba7 I will take a bath
 راح أسبح
raa7 asba7 I will take a bath
asba7 I take a bath
عقب ما اخذ دوش
3ugub maa aakhidh dawsh After I take a shower
عقب ما نظفت البيت 3ugub maa na’6aft al-bayt … Having cleaned the house …