This contracted phrase comes from shinuu akuu, which literally means 'what is there.'

How and when could you use the word shakuu? A good example might be when someone's nose is finding its way a little too far into your business and you'd like to set the record straight (without causing physical harm).

To ensure you're aiming the phrase at the right person, make eye contact (good start) and use the appropriate pronoun. If your bugbear is a guy, begin by saying inta; if a girl, intay or if a group intaw. Then finish off with: shakuu!

If this all seems waayid sahl, you can up the stakes by accompanying your holler with a hand gesture. Press fingers to thumb, then twist hand and release, mithil rasmat al-yawm.

Arabic Pronounced? English

أنت شكو!
inta shakuu! What’s it to you? (>m)
أنتي شكو!
intay shakuu! What’s it to you? (>f)
أنتوا شكو!
intaw shakuu! What’s it to you? (>pl)
وايد سهل
waayid sahl
very easy
مثل رسمة اليوم mithil rasmat al-yawmlike in today's drawing