In Kuwaiti, there are two ways of saying ‘by the way.’ The first is taraa, which you put at the beginning of a statement as you would in English. An example? taraa chin-ik kalayt sandawiitsh-tii. Straight-forward enough.

bas maa tidgr tista3mil today’s word for questions. In this case, you’d use the word aguul. Let’s use the same sentence above but turn it into a question: aguul kalayt sandawiitsh-tii?

And if you mix the two words up at first? taraa 3aadii.

Arabic Pronounced? English

بس ما تقدر
bas maa tigdr tista3mil but you can’t use (>m)
بس ما تقدرين
bas maa tigdriin tista3milayn but you can’t use (>f)
بس ما تقدرون
bas maa tigdruun tista3miluun but you can’t use (>pl)
ترى چنك كليت سندويتشتي
taraa chin-ik kalayt sandawiitsh-tii by the way, I think you ate my sandwich (>m)
أقول كليت سندويتشتي؟
aguul kalayt sandawiitsh-tii? by the way, did you eat my sandwich? (>m)
ترى عادي
taraa 3aadii anyway, it doesn’t matter