7addah 7addah

Today's word is easy to say and fairly useful if you tend to live on the edge - of time that is.

When you're telling a story, and it so happens in this tale you turned up somewhere at the very last moment, you can use 7addah 7addah to express that. "It took forever for her to get ready, so wa9al-naa al-filim 7addah 7addah ('we arrived at the film at the very last minute')."

7add in general is a word that describes anything on one end of an extreme. Are you rushing to get your weekend flight to Dubai and your designated (male) driver is going too slowly? You can holler: 3a6-ah 7add ad-daws-ah!

If the driver is a female, the verb changes: 3a6ii-h 7add ad-daws-ah! 

Or if some overly-confident person rolls up to you in a mall and whispers 7add-ich kiyuut? If it happens to be unwanted attention, I prescribe a casual shrug and the retort: awaafiq.

Arabic Pronounced? English

حدك كيوت
7add-ik kiyuut You’re really cute! (>m)
حدچ كيوت
7add-ich kiyuut You’re really cute! (>f)
حدكم كيوت
7add-kum kiyuut You’re really cute! (>pl)
عطه حد الدوسه
3a6-ah 7add ad-daws-ah step on it!
awaafiq I agree