bi l-magluub

Fact: today's word was taught to me by a one-year old, making it rather essential vocabulary. It also reminded me how interested children are in pointing out how things look and how they work.

This particular baby was excited to shout bi l-magluub! when one of his play blocks was on its head. Or exclaim duur! duur! when one of his toys started to spin around.

But I noticed it was his mum who would say if his t-shirt was bi l-3aks or his hair was m3gad. He was so interested in the world around him, but relatively disinterested in anything too closely related to him.

On that note, I had no trouble imagining it would also be his mother's observation that dar-ah 3afsah.


bi l-3aks
inside out
دور! دور!
duur! duur!
round and round
دره عفسة
dar-ah 3afsah
his room is a mess