Last week, bi3naa our iPad. It was sold at khawsh si3r considering its age and the dent in one corner, but as soon as it reached the buyer, we got a message. And she wasn't happy. In fact, sawat shakwah.
"I know the advert said there was a slight dent in one corner, but the photos made it seem better than it really is. For the product I've received, I've paid si3r khaayis."
We gave each other a look, before sending an email offering a 10 kd refund.
Seconds after the email was sent, the buyer's reply drops into the inbox. 

"Thanks for your offer, it was more than I was expecting! Still, I'd prefer if you just tishtiruu-l-ii a cover for the iPad. It'll work out cheaper. Here's a link to the cover I've chosen. And please send to this address.."
Swearing this is the last time we will sell something online, we bought the cover and had it sent to the the lady. And she wasn't lying, it was cheaper than giving her a refund, a whole half kd cheaper... ma3a ash-sha7in!

Arabic Pronounced? English

bi3naa We sold
سوت شكوة
sawat shakwah she made a complaint
tishtiruu-l-ii You (pl) buy for me
خوش سعر
khawsh si3r a good price
سعر خايس
si3r khaayis a bad price
ma3a with