guul shinuu?

According to Urban Dictionary, guul shinuu? is the ideal question to build anticipation, only to then completely undermine it by following up with something boring.

Akram is meditatively deboning some lamb at 7am in his butcher's shop. His wife Umm Khaalid, 47 years of age, stomps in and in her high-pitched way says,"buu khaalid, guul shinuu?"


"GUUL SHINUU!" she says a hundred decibels higher.


" ya aall-ah, guul!"

Losing his patience he says, "wallah maadrii, yaa umm khaalid?"

"You good-for-nothing, yaa kirh-ik!" 

Akram: " guul-ay, what is it?"

"maabii aguul-ik khalaa9! The moment's lost." With a flick of her diamanté-studded shaylah, Umm Khaalid stomps out.

Her husband rhythmically cuts the chunks of lamb with precise swishes of the knife, contemplating the option of marrying a second wife for what seems like the millionth time.


قول شنو؟
guul shinuu?
Guess what? (>m)
قولي شنو؟
guulay shinuu?
Guess what? (>f)
قولوا شنو؟
guulaw shinuu?
Guess what? (>pl)
بو خالد
buu khaalid
father of Khaalid
آم خالد
umm khaalid
mother of Khaalid
Okay so…
 يا آم خالد
yaa umm khaalid
dearest Umm Khaalid
يا كرهك!
yaa kirh-ik!
How I hate you! (>m)
مابي اقولك خلاص!
maabii aguul-ik khalaa9!
I don’t want to tell you anymore! (>m)
ولله مادري
wallah maadrii
I really don’t know