mitaa as-sahrah?

I remember well those late night conversations around a library table that begin with a rueful nod and the words: ana sahraan ('I'm staying up late').

Or when the next day a friend stares deeply into your bloodshot eyes wondering whether it was business or pleasure that has left you in such a state. I will confirm the former: no, it's just that sahart ams ('I stayed up late last night') and not 7ag sahrah ('for a gathering') but to finish an essay that was successfully ignored for over a month.

Ah, she says somewhat concerned, b-tishariin al-laylah 3ashaan tshuufiin al-muubaarah?

Oh yes, b-ashar, I reply loyally. Even if I'm so tired that men throwing balls into nets will stop making sense to me altogether.

Arabic Pronounced? English

انا سهران
ana sahraan I’m staying up late (m)

انا سهرانة
ana sahraanah I’m staying up late (f)

احنا سهرانين
a7naa sahraaniin We’re staying up late (pl)

bi-as-har I will be staying up late

sahart I stayed up late

بتسهر الليلة عشان تشوف المباراة؟
bi-tis-har al-laylah 3ashaan tshuuf al-mubaaraah?
Will you stay up late to watch the match (>m)?

بتسهرين الليلة عشان تشوفين المباراة؟
bi-tis-hariin al-laylah 3ashaan tshuufiin al-mubaaraah?
Will you stay up late to watch the match (>f)?

بتسهرون الليلة عشان تشوفون المباراة؟
bi-tis-haruun al-laylah 3ashaan tshuufuun al-mubaaraah?
Will you all stay up late to watch the match (>pl)?