I just made a huge :afsah and now I have a handful of minutes to start at-tanDHiif before my friend comes back.

Of course I didn't make this particular :afsah in the privacy of bayt-ii. Nor did it involve anything of mine - which would have been annoying but forgivable. 

No, I am in a daar al-nawm of a friend looking at the remains of her 21st birthday present in fragments on the floor. 

I must have been :amyah not to have seen how precariously balanced the bottle of Baccarat was on the corner of her bedside table.

Nor how, just beneath the table was her family photo album of black and white portraits from the early 20th century. She had told me how precious it was. I must have been Samkhah when she said it or just plain ghabiiyah to not have remembered until now.

fii shay?” asks a voice at the doorway and my heart sinks. I turn back. My friend is sniffing the air, looking puzzled. Then she sees the :afsah and my beetroot face.

“Shall nsani: together?” she asks.

asani: I clean

tsani: You clean (m)

tsan:iin You clean (f)

tsan:uun You clean (pl) 

nsani: We clean

ysani: He cleans

tsani: She cleans

ysani:uun They clean

عمي :amay Blind (m)
Adjectives عمية :amyah Blind (f)

اعميا a:miyaa Blind (pl)

Samakhah Deaf (f)

التنظيف at-tanDHiif The cleaning
Nouns دار النوم daar al-nawm A bedroom

بيت bayt-ii My house
 في شي
fii shay? What's wrong?