On a dreary Sunday evening, yrid home from the airport. It was only too mitwaqi: that after a month of holidays that his inbox would be saturated with unanswered emails. For perhaps the only time in his working life was he relieved at his dawwaam. There simply weren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

He scanned the emails and scanned them again but al-rad that he most wanted to see was simply not there. 

shwayyat naas are complicated to understand. They say one thing and mean another. He wondered if he had made a mistake by allowing her to pay al-Hisaab. She had said she was a modern woman, after all. So he had laughed and suggested that she pay for the entire dinner.

He opened his Facebook and sent her a smiley face. The message instantly read "Seen 13:45." And that was all.

His roommate, who had been spying, patted him on the shoulder. "My friend, don't be too mit:ajib if you see that garat ar-risaalah bas maa raddat."

 انا ارد
ana arid I return / reply

انت ترد
inta trid You (m) return / reply

انتي تردين
intay tridiin You (f) return / reply

انتو تردون
intaw triduun You (pl) return / reply

احن نرد
aHnaa nrid We return / reply

هو يرد
uhuwa yrid He returns / replies

هي ترد
ihiya trid She returns / replies

اهم يردون
uhuma yirduun They reply

متعجب mit:ajib Surprised (m)
Adjectives متعجبة mit:ajbah Surprised (f)

متعجبين mit:ajbiin Surprised (pl)

mitwaqi: Predictable

الحساب al-Hisaab The bill
Nouns الدوام dawwaam Working hours

شوية ناس shwayyat naas Some people
قرت الرسالة بس ما ردت
garat ar-risaalah bas maa raddat She read the message but didn't reply