Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

One day, I decide to run an errand bruu7ii.

He's intrigued. "7ag shinuu?" 

"akhallii-k tshuuf ba3dayn," is all I say.

It's ash-shitaa and yet al-jaw 7aar by British standards. But it's cool enough to move around on foot. 

I end up walking for half an hour without seeing what I want to find. A woman passes and I ask her, "law sama7tay, t3arfiin the Kuwaiti restaurant near to here?"

She seems confused and says, "maa a3arif."

A taxi passes by and slows down. I ask sawaag at-taaksii, "law sama7t, fii ma63am kuwaytii griib min hinii?"

He replies, "ee, fii bas uhuwa b3iid shwayah."

I get in the taxi and eventually we arrive at the restaurant. I greet the waiter at the door, but explain I don't want to eat right away. I ask: "Can I please reserve a table for shakh9ayn?"

And so I made a reservation for a surprise 3ashaa.

bruu7iiAlone (m/f)
حق شنو؟
7ag shinu?What for?
اخليك تشوف
akhalii-k tshuuf You’ll see (lit. I let you you see )
al-jaw 7aarIt’s hot out
سواق التاكسي
sawaag at-taaksiiTaxi driver
لو سمحتي
law samaHtayExcuse me (>f)
t3arfiin?Do you know? (>f)
ما عريف
maa a3rifI don’t know
في مطعم؟
fiih ma63am?Is there a restaurant?
قريب من هني
griib min hiniinear to here
اي في بس هو بعيد شوية
ee fii bas uhuwa b3iid shwayahYes there’s one but it’s a little far
al-3ashaaThe dinner