Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

al-isbuu3 ilii faat, we were feeling bored.

"I think a7taaj a holiday," I said. But he shook his head:

"No need, why don't we just go see a film bi l-layl?"

It seemed a good idea so ri7naa the cinema. The streets were busy and the metro was on strike. We waited for a taxi and eventually one came. But still we arrived mit2akhriin

We entered the lobby at as-saa3ah sab3ah ilaa rubi3 but the film had already started at as-saa3ah sittah wa nu9 ilaa khams

We tried to get tickets with a Debit card, but al-makiinat a9-9arf kaanat kharbaanahSo burrowing through our purses and pockets, we got together some coins and wearily joined the long queue to the box office.

Realising our first choice was no longer an option, we began to debate what the new film would be. 

"How about the thriller?" I suggested.

"That one's better," he replied, pointing to a poster advertising the latest cheeseball blockbuster.

"But it's the premiere of this one, so prices are double," I said, trying my best to avoid spending three hours with Bruce Willis. "How about the chick flick? And let's be honest, we've both been wanting to see this one for a while."

Tickets and popcorn in hand, we ventured to get seats, but none were available next to each other. Was a mini-drama unfolding? min umm-ah!

الاسبوع  إلي فات
al-isbuu3 ilii faat Last week
a7taaj I need
bi l-layl Tonight
ri7naa We went (to)
mit2akhriin(We were) late
الساعه سبعه الا ربع
as-saa3ah sab3ah ilaa rubi36.45pm
الساعه سته و نص الا خمس
as-saa3ah sittah wa nu9 ilaa khams6.25pm
المكينة الصرف كانت
al-makiinat a9-9arf kaanatthe ATM was
Out of service (m)
Out of service (f)
Out of service (pl)