fii asra3 waqt mumkin

Sometimes zawj-ii drives me crazy. His antics are non-stop and often take place precisely when ana ta3baanah and mentally, all I want to do is switch off.

mathalan, he pretends to leave the apartment without saying ma3a s-salaamah. Big deal, right? maakuu mushkillah if we're talking about a one-off event or the occasional joke. But no, with this particular practical joke, t9iir kul yawm.

He also loves to tease, demanding something fii asra3 waqt mumkin ... when it turns out that he doesn't even want the thing at all. Knowing when he's joking or not is like learning an art.

Nothing is going to stop him, so all I can do is send out a gentle reminder, each and every time he gets me that in all honesty ... maa yi'9a7-ik!

zawj-iiMy husband
انا تعبانة
ana ta3baanahI am tired
mathalanFor example
مع السلامة
ma3a s-salaamahGoodbye
ماكو مشكلة
maakuu mushkillahNo problem
t9iirIt (f) happens
كل يوم
kul yawm Every day
في اسرع وقت ممكن
fii asra3 waqt mumkinAs soon as possible