khuush 7arakah

Whenever you see clips of Michael Jackson, Madonna or Justin Timberlake putting on a show, it's even hard for doubters to resist saying "khuush Harakah!"

When the situation is a majmuu:ah of people dance at a wedding, it's not quite the same. But hey, even if yitHarakuun pretty badly, no one cares, and plus it'd be pretty qillat 'aadab to bring down the mood with tuts and criticism.

That said, shwayat Harakaat are so ridiculous that even people who are m'aadabiin cannot help but crease up. And one that immediately comes to mind is well, just about the whole of the 1990s.

And in the spirit of how we did things "back then," forget al-'aadab, turn off the phone and guumaw tHarikaw!

atHarak I move

titHarak You (m) move

titHarakayn You (f) move

titHarakuun You (pl) move

nitHarak We move

yitHarak He moves

titHarak She move

yitHarakuun They move

مأدب m'aadab Well-mannered (m)
Adjectives مأدبة m'aadabah Well-mannered (f)

مأدبين m'aadabiin Well-mannered (pl)

قلت أدب
qillat 'aadab Rudness (ant.)

الأدب al-'aadab (The) manners
Nouns مجموعة majmuu:ah A group

شي shwaayat Harakaat Some moves
قومو تحركو!
guumaw tHarikaw! Get up and move!