Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

"shinu :ind-ich this evening?" he asks me.
"No plans," I reply.
"Would you like to go to a ma:raD tonight? I was walking by the street with all the ma:aariD on the way home from work. I saw this incredible sculpture in the window, and I asked the gallerist if could see illi ma:aruuD."
"But ..." Long pause. Disbelief. "But you don't like ma:aariD," I say, but promptly swallow the rest of my words.
Why am I ruining a moment I've dreamt of for so long - the day I don't have to drag him to a ma:raD, but end up being the one to get invited?
Doing a 180, I beam, grab his arm and utter the eternal word: "yalla!"

shinu What
:ind-ik Do you have (>m)
عندچ :ind-ich Do you have (>f)
الي معروض illi ma:aruuD The one displayed
معاردض m:aariD Galleries
يا الله yalla Let’s go
 ما رحتي maa riHtay you (>f) didn’t go
معرض الكتاب ma:raD al-kitaab the book expo
طايفچ Taayfich it passed you (>f)
نص nuS half
عمرچ :umrich your (>f) life