Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Due to today's end of week fatigue, this post will be a little meditation on sleep, or nawm. 

What do you say when you realise it's midnight and that "award-winning film" you're watching still has three and half hours' of running time? raaH anaam.

Or when the persistent person is calling (again) and your friend has already turned in? gaa:id yinaam (or gaa:dah tinaam if speaking of a girl).

Finally, there's a handy saying in Arabic that means "each to his own":

راح انام
raaH anaam I'm going to sleep
قاعد ينام
gaa:ad yinaam He is sleeping
شبعت نوم؟ shaba:t an-nawm? Did you get enough sleep?
كل واحد kul waaHid Each person
ينام yinaam He sleeps
على :alaa On
اليمب al-yamb The side
إلي illi That
يريحا yiriiHaa He relaxes