yawman maa

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Tarek Al Ghoussein, K-Files Series (2013)

I dream that fii l-mustaghbal, some of the epic architectural projects promised for Kuwait will be completed for all to enjoy. And that maybe hadhaak al-yawm there will be a new city in the Middle East with a mosque, a synagogue and a church standing shoulder to shoulder.

Coming back down to earth, the most immediate of my hopes is that fii yawman maa there might eventually be some water in this swimming pool.

في المستغبل
fii l-mustaghbalIn the future
هذاك اليوم
hadhaak al-yawmOne day
bakhidh-l-iiI will get (lit. I will get to me)
بليستيشن ٤
blaystayshin 4Playstation 4