Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Today's word has to be said with feeling, so check out the pronunciation guide
in the link above. 

How and when is ayyabaa-h used? Let me alaargii some examples.

If you're a girl in Kuwait taking an innocent stroll on your own, you may find
a mounting chorus of guys in tow heckling ayyabaa-h !

Or after a long day of work, having not eaten a satisfying breakfast -
you arrive home and see a steaming plate of luumii-infused stew waiting 
for you. You smile and sigh: ayyabaa-h !

Or after accidentally dropping your flatmate's kambiyuutar in the kitchen sink,
you pull the old rice trick and the machine finally switches back on. Fate has
smiled upon you because he hasn't returned from work yet. ayyabaa-h !

And then as the machine loads, it reveals on his desktop enough porn files
to make even Larry Flint blush.

That's when you say: maa yijuuz.

hadhaa This
نانسي عجرم
naansii :ajramNancy Ajram
al-yadiidThe new one