maa yijuuz

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

When something seems outrageous to you, how do you express that dismay,
that shock, in Kuwaiti Arabic?

Welcome to today's phrase of the day - maa yijuuz.

Maybe someone politely asks you idha kaan mumkin and your mischievous
streak takes over. Nope, maa yijuuz you might reply.

This phrase is particularly useful when your inner diva strikes ... and we're all

looking at today's Kuwaiti meme guy here. He returns from work, sees
a dinner of baarid salad waiting for him. His face pales, lip trembles -
he can't hold back:

اذا كان ممكن
idha kaan mumkin If it’s possible
:ashaa Dinner
بارد baarid Cold