Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

Thanks to the laziest of weekends, the extra sleep faad-naa.

Because the long ceaseless hours of work last week maa kaan mufiid. And McDonalds lunches had just about finished us off. How did it happen?

"Where do you want to have lunch?" he had asked.
"Somewhere mufiid," I would reply.
And then he takes me exactly where I am afraid he is going to take me. The pearly gates of McDonalds swing open before us.
"maa min-ik faayidah," I grumble. 

faad-naa It helped us
كان مفيد
kaan mufiid It was helping
ما منك فايدة maa min-ik faayidah Thanks for nothing (>m)
الفوائد al-fuwaa’id The benefits
مافي فايدة maafii faayidah It’s not helpful