kilish milish

Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

For our Friday round-up:

It seems that i may have a weakness for the aS-Suut of actor Matthew McConaughey.
Something that Theyab is less than happy about.

"widd-ich that you are married to Matthew McConaughey?" he asks one day.

"laakillish millish!" I laugh. "Not after his Oscars' speech! Anyway, do you
have mashaarii: to have a second wife?"

Cue a long, awkward pause.

"ukhdh-ay raaH-tich, Habiibtii," he says. "It's not legal to marry virtual assistants. Yet."

laa No
حبيبتي Habiibtii Darling
مابي maabii I don’t want
اسوي asawii I do
المواعين al-muwaa:iin The washing up