Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

One day, I decide to run an errand, on foot and bruuHii.

"Hag shinu?" he asks.
"a-khalii-k tshuuf ... ba:adiin," is all I say.

It is ash-shita and al-jaw muu Haar, so moving around on foot is fine.

I walk for half an hour without seeing what I want to find. A woman passes
and I ask hعر: "law samaHtay, ta:rifiin al-shatayah al-watiyah?"
She seems confused and says, "maa a:rif." 

Then a taxi passes and slows down. I ask sawaag at-taaksi:

"luu samaHt, fiih maT:am kuwaiti gariib min hini?"
He replies: "ee fiih bas uhuwa ba:iid shwayah."

I get in the taxi and we arrive at Shatiyah Shatiyah Watiyah.

I greet the waiter. "Ah, but I don't want to eat right away.
mumkin Hajz tawlah Hag shakhSiin?" Can I reserve a table for two people?

And so I made aH-Hajz for a surprise :ashaa

bruuHii Alone (m/f)
حق شنو؟
Hag shinu? What for?
اخليك تشوف  
a-khalii-k tshuuf  You’ll see (lit. I let you you see )
ba:adiin Later
ash-shitaa’ Winter
الجو موحار 
al-jaw muu Haar It’s not hot out
سواق التاكسي 
sawaag at-taaksi Taxi driver
لو سمحتي   
law samaHtay Excuse me (to a woman)
ta:rifiin? Do you know? (to a woman
ما عريف
maa a:rif I don’t know
في مطعم؟ 
fiih maT:am? Is there a restaurant?
قريب من هني    
gariib min hini near to here
اي في بس حو بعيد شويه 
ee fiih bas uhuwa ba:iid shwayah Yes there’s one but it’s a little far
al-:ashaa The dinner