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aT-Ta:am of the pearl diving life 

  • Ingredients

      kuubayn aish basmatii
    • nuS gafshat za:fraan 
    • gafshitayn maay ward 
    • gafshat hayl maTHuun 
    • gafshat qrinful maTHuun 
    • gafshat darsiin maTHuun
    • rubi: kuub zubdah 
    • nuS kuub shakkar  
    • 1 white fish per person (baked at 140 degrees 30 mins, then 30 mins at 190 degrees, then a couple of minutes under the grill to crisp skin)


    • Soak saffron, cardamom, cloves and rosewater.
    • Rinse, soak then drain rice. Add 4 cups of water:
    • Boil until half-cooked (8 mins) then drain.
    • Stir sugar through the hot rice.
    • Heat butter in a pan. Add rice.
    • Sprinkle the rose water and spice mix over it.
    • Cover and cook on very low heat (20-25 mins).
    • Transfer to serving platter. Top with grilled fish.

    aT-Ta:am The flavour
    عيش بسمتي
    :aish basmatii Basmati rice
    za:faraan Saffron
    ماي ورد
    maay ward Rosewater
    hayl Cardamom
    qrinful Cloves
    دارسين darsiin Cinnamon
    زبدة zibdah Butter
    شكر shakkar Sugar
    نص nuS Half
    ربع rubi: Quarter
    كوب kuub One cup
    كوبين kuubayn Two cups
    قفشة gafshah One spoon
    قفشتين gafshitayn Two spoons
    چذبة ابريل
    chidhbat abriil April Fools