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The one with al-Halfah ...

You've got a da:wah to a Haflah. Are you going to go?

Love it or hate it, most parties around the world revolve around alcohol (or "al-kuhl" - a word the Arabs invented). So it's probably wise to know that Kuwait is a country that is nashifah. Meaning that mashrubaat kuHuuliyah are illegal. Everywhere.

Except at the British Embassy of course - but let's face it, without your relevant connection, getting a da:wah to a function there is going to remain a tricky business indeed.

A while back, I heard that there were some great Haflaat at the as-safaarah briiTaanniyah so one morning while doing paperwork there, I asked the receptionist for an events' programme.

She looked at me as if I were from Mars.  Then she said: "Are you ma:zuumah?"

"Doesn't it count that I'm British?" I asked.

She laughed. "No it doesn't, to be honest. I'm afraid you're not invited."

And that was that.

Some people say that a number of nightclubs in London, Paris and New York are difficult to get into. Funnily enough, a back garden Haflah at Kuwait's British Embassy is up there with them.

da:wah An invitation
nashif Dry (masc. adjective)
nashifah Dry (fem. adjective)
nashifiin Dry (plural adjective)
مشروبات كحولية
mashrubaat kuHuuliyah Alcoholic drinks
al-Haflah The party
al-Halfaat The parties
ma:zuum Invited (male)
ma:zuumah Invited (female)

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