The one with dhakii ...

5 habits of how to be dhakii in Kuwait:

١. suug-aw :alaa mazaaj-kum

Drive safely and you're almost guaranteed to have an accident

٢.  laa tamshuun barah 

Drivers will not understand your motivation: they will honk their horn and yell at you out of their car window - and in the summer you could pass out with heat-stroke

٣. rikdh-aw fii l-mall

Window-shop at the same time as shed calories in air-conditioned comfort

٤. istighil-aw al-net 

Sell whatever you can take a photo of with your phone, make an extra dinar; leverage your 100k followers to get anything you want, when you want it

٥. libs-aw chin-ah al-:iid

If you're in public, you never know who might be staring or sending a sneaky shot of you to their Whatsapp group. So make like every day is a cover shoot for Vogue - even if you're just out getting donuts.

سوقو على مزاجكم
suug-aw :alaa mazaaj-kum Drive however you want
لا تمشون برة
laa tamshuun barah Don’t walk outdoors
ركضو في المل
rikD-aw fii l-mall Jog in the mall
استغلو النت
istighil-aw al-net Exploit the internet
لبسو چنه العيد
libs-aw chin-ah al-:iid Dress like there’s no tomorrow


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