The one with majaal...

This evening, there's zaHmah in Kuwait. Nothing unusual about this, illaa these cars have the owner's name written across the bumper and strange codes stuck to the paintwork. These are no ordinary cars. No, they are cars on a muhamah.

Cruising shaari: al-Hub (or Kuwait's Second Ring Road), these drivers (both male and female) are hoping for al-majaal of a relationship. That code you see? The driver's Blackberry Pin. Hag shinuu? Well, if you like the look of the driver, you can hover behind his car and tap his BB Pin into your phone to begin a virtual romance. And who knows where that might lead?

A little idea of "where" it may indeed lead can be found below in our audio of a Kuwaiti guy trying to get lucky at a Haflah.

muhamahA mission
شارع الحب
shaari: al-HubLove Street
حق شنو؟
Hag shinuu?What for?

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