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The one with ataghashmar ...

The fukaahah I've come across in the Gulf is great, ta:jib-nii waayid. Of all the different types, satire is a favourite. Recently I've become hooked on reading the Pan Arabia Enquirer, in which every story could well end with the word ataghashmar.

For example, there was the story about Lars von Trier's film "Nymphomaniac" being edited down to a record 2.34 seconds to satisfy iHtiiyaajaat of a Kuwaiti movie distributer.

Not to forget al-quSah of thousands of Kuwaiti Beliebers taking to their streets in Lamborghinis after Justin Bieber's arrest for drag-racing in the same Italian sports car.

aHyaaman the humour is closer to home, as in the above picture showing the modern Middle Eastern lady in zawj-seeking mode.

fukaahah Humour
تعجبني وايد
ta:jib-nii waayid I like it (f) a lot
al-iHtiiyaajaat The needs
al-quSah The story
aHyaanan Sometimes
zawj Husband

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