Audio with Theyab's pronunciation

The one with ash-sh:aar

shi:aaraat often seem Sghaar and unimportant, but they can make or break an-najaaH of a company. Take for instance, the KDD sh:aar. The "Kuwait Danish Dairy” was a successful collaboration between Kuwait and Denmark, selling ice creams and juices across the Gulf. The KDD sh:aar was nothing short of iconic in Kuwait. And then, there was kaarithah.

In 2005, a series of highly provocative cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed were published in a Danish newspaper. The gesture was received with Sadmah, particularly in the Middle East and large-scale boycotts of Danish goods began.

KDD's managers considered changing their name (since their business ties with Denmark had ended 22 years previously), but everyone knew ash-sh:aar. It was too powerful to change. And if they did, they would likely lose their customers anyway. So KDD carried on as it was. And sales of KDD products dropped by 95%.

Today, KDD has bounced back. Trust has been re-established with its clientele, and the Mohammed Cartoons as they were known, are a thing of al-maaDii. Most people agree that their products are still the very best. Nothing tastes quite like that barrid sandawiich.

shi:aaraat Logos
Saghiir Small
Sghaar Small (pl)
an-najaaH The success
kaarithah A disaster
Sadmah Shock
al-maaDii The past
برد سندويچ
barrid sandawiich An ice-cream sandwich

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