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The one with maangaa...

From March to May, India is filled with maangaa. Over half of those picked are shipped :alaa Tuul to the Arabian Gulf, particularly the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. There are literally hundreds of maangaa in the world, but if you were curious to know which naw:  is the tastiest, please read on.

It begins with this man here, Portuguese statesman, military leader and maangaa addict: Alfonso de Albuquerque.

Alfonso was the first European to enter the Gulf in 15th century, and his campaigns secured his control of the bahaar routes and established the Portuguese Empire in the Middle East (in Kuwait, Portuguese rule lasted approximately 100 years).

Aside from his ability to pillage and conquer, Alfonso became well-known for bringing maangaa to his friends following trips to Goa and, as fate would have it, a particular naw: was named after him. 

So the next time you dig in to your Alphonso fawaakah, remember the real Alfonso that inspired its name, and how Kuwait's cultural history is more diverse than anyone might guess.

على طول
:alaa Tuul Directly
naw: Type
fawaakah Fruit
bahaar Spice
shinuu What is
hadhaa That
humbah Mango (slang)

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