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The one with ghalla6...

9a7 walaa ghalla6 - true or false? It sounds like a line from a quiz, but when you never know if someone's for real or constantly teasing, these three little words become a mantra to live by. 

I can never tell when anything a certain person says was bi l-ghalla6 ('by mistake') or intentional. Take the other day. He and I were meant to meet for dinner. I arrived at the restaurant first, but then he rang to say that he had taken al-baa9 al-ghalla6 by mistake and wouldn't make dinner in time. So naturally I abandoned my post and went home.

Halfway to home, I get a second call asking why I am not at the restaurant. He had of course taken al-baa9 a9-9a7

Sometimes I want to say "ana faqadt al-amal" or even "ana tinarfazt" but deeper than my irritation is how funny it is that he manages to keep me guessing at just about everything.

ghalla6ayn Two errors
aghllaa6 3 - 10 errors
ghalla6 11+ errors
الباص الغلط
al-baa9 al-ghalla6 The wrong bus
الباص الصح
al-baa9 a9-9a7 The right bus
انا فقدت الأمل
ana faqadt al-amal I'm disappointed (lit. "I've lost hope")
ana tinarfazt I'm fed up
صح ولا غلط
9a7 walaa ghalla6? True or false?
انا جورج كلوني عربي
ana george clooney 3arabii I'm an Arab version of George Clooney

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